The Call Family History

Arms: "Gules, three trumpets fesswise, in pale, argent."
Crest: "A demi lion rampant holding in the paws a trumpet, as in the arms."
Motto: "Grata Manu."

The Data In This Book, Showing Our Family Lineage, Along With Verified Records Was Gathered And Compiled From 1939 To 1944 By Helen Irene Jones Soper. In 1995, Judith LuAnn Watt Gresko, Helen's Second Cousin, Three Times Removed, Picked Up Where She Left Off.

A note from Judy: Helen's original book is in printed and bound form, but appears to have been done on a manual typewriter (or printer of some sort). I have tried to reproduce it exactly by scanning the original directly into my computer. The original printed copy has jagged letters that, in some cases, the computer was unable to read. In these instances I resorted to typing by hand. I've tried to be very exact, but in some instances of very old phrasing, I have added to the wording to make it more readable. The instances of my changing anything written, are VERY rare, but I did apply a form to the entries, as many were in paragraph form and were hard to follow. My hope is that having a common format for the information will make this text easier to follow. Excepting where I expanded on the biographies of my own grandparents and great grandparents, only biographical entries after 1944 can be attributed to me. The original book was obtained from my Great Uncle, Robert Oakes, son of Cora Call Oakes and Hornell, NY historian until his death in 1995.

A note from Helen: By the request of relatives, and through my own interest in my ancestors, I hereby endeavor to compile a record of the CALL family. I wish to acknowledge with gratitude, the kind assistance of Prof. Myra Call, Prof. Leona Call, Francis and Edna Acker, William Call, Herman Goodwin, Daniel Todd, and all other relatives to whom I am indebted for various information concerning not only their own branches, but in giving me information of our Colonials. To all who have cooperated, I extend my thanks. There are of necessity some omissions, as I have been unable in some instances to obtain the necessary information.

A note from Helen's grandson, Jeff Soper [9/3/2009]: You have posted a transcription of my grandmother's work "The Call Family by Helen Irene Jones Soper, 1944". I hold the copyrights to her published and unpublished works. I ask that you post a copyright notice of (C) 1944 Helen I Soper on all web pages containing her work. I will give the right to continue the publishing of book on your website "" as long as you place the copyright on the pages. But I reserve the rights to all other forms of publishing (print, electronic, etc.) This is a non-exclusive right just for this website.

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Three brothers came from Saxony in the 8th century, one settling in Scotland and giving rise to the MacCalls, the second establishing residence in Norfolk, and the third in Cornwall.

From the CORNWALL branch was descended a family which held considerable property both in Devonshire and in Cornwall. These estates were however, first reduced by the Civil wars in the time of Henry the 7th and later nearly destroyed by the attachment of the family to the royal cause during the civil wars in the reign of King Charles the First. This family was represented about the beginning of the 17th century by John Call, of Roswarne, County Cornwall, who was the father of another John Call, "Gent". One John Call, of Cornwall, married Jane Mill in the early 18th century and was the father by her of Sir John Call, who was Sheriff of Cornwall and later was created a Baronet. He left issue by his wife Philadelphia, daughter of Dr. William Battye, MD. of at least one son, Sir William Call.

Of the County NORFOLK Branch

RICHARD CALL was living at Bakton in the early 16th century, if not before. He first married Margaret Paston, daughter of Sir John Paston, and had issue by her of three sons:

His 2nd wife was Margaret Trollop, daughter of Andrew Trollop. He had issue by her of two sons:


JOHN CALL, eldest son of Richard & Margaret Paston Call, resided at Little Melton and married Xpian Clypsby, daughter of William Clypsby, of Norfolk. To this union were born ...

ANDREW CALL, youngest son of Richard and Margaret Trollop Call, resided at Edingthorpe, County Norfolk, and married Miss Drake, by whom he was the father of...


RICHARD CALL, son of John Call and wife Xpian Clypsby Call, married Edith Bennett and had issue of :

WILLIAM CALL, son of Andrew Call, married Susan Tyllington , daughter of William Tyllington, and was the father by her of ...


THOMAS CALL, son of Richard Call and Edith Bennett, was born 1597 in Faversham, Co. Kent, England. His first wife was Mary Bennet and they lived by the "ferry across the Mystic River'' about two miles from Bunker Hill Monument. In 1636, at the age of 39, Thomas Call left FAVERSHAM, KENT, ENGLAND. for Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife Mary and three children, Thomas, Mary and JOHN (b. 1635). Thomas Call's last two children, Mercy and Elizabeth, were the born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Thomas secondly married Joanna Shepherdson. He died in 1676 at the age of 79 years.

Ref.: Media Research Bureau (Early history, facts, dates, etc. ); also the Charlestown Cemetery, across the path from the monument erected to John Harvard by Harvard Alumni in 1858 dates and facts gathered by Cora Call Whitley of Webster City, Iowa, and now in the possession of her son Guyon Call Whitley of Ames, IA. Cora Whitley visited Massachusetts and spent much time and money in obtaining valuable records, verifying them, and in visiting the Charlestown Cemetery. Media Research records which traced the Calls early history down through Samuel Call and his wife Abigail Sprague were obtained by Helen Jones Soper who holds the records.


JOHN CALL, son of Thomas Call
B: 1635 in Kent, England.
M: 1656 to Hannah Kettell of Charlestown, Massachusetts
D: 1697 at Charlestown, Massachusetts

Children: JOHN, Thomas, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Mehitable, Caleb, Hannah and Esther

Biography: John was about one year old when he came to this country with his parents, brother and sister. He resided in Charlestown, though they first landed at Boston, Massachusetts. His parents decided to settle at Charlestown. It was there he met and married Hannah Kettell. His sons John and Thomas were twins, being born in 1662. John was a deacon in the First Church of Charlestown, and he was a soldier in King Philip's War.

Ref.: Records of Charlestown. See Massachusetts. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. Helen Soper also obtained connecting facts through Media Research.


JOHN CALL II, son of John Call and Hannah Kettell Call
B: 1662 at Charlestown, Massachusetts.
M: 1681 to Martha Lowden.
D: 1713.

Children: John, Hannah, Jonathan, Richard, Mary and SAMUEL.

Biography: John Call was an Ensign in King Philip's War. He was a deacon in the First Church of Charlestown.

Ref.: Records of Cora Call Whitley and connecting information by Helen Soper through Media Research.


SAMUEL CALL, son of John Call II and Martha Lowden.
B: June 6, 1698.
M: 1721 to Abigail Sprague, Malden, Massachusetts.

Abigail Sprague, daughter of Samuel Sprague and Sarah Wheeler Green.
B: November 15, 1702 in Malden, Massachusetts.

Children: Abigail, Samuel (b: 1723), JOHN, Joseph, Martha, James, Mary, Nathan and Hannah Masters

Biography: Samuel and Abigail moved to Oxford, Massachusetts. where their last three children were born. Samuel was at the Battle of Quebec in 1759. In 1761 records of Leicester show that Samuel applied with others for "exemption from the tax for the ministers of the town," because of the persuasion called "ana-Baptists." His son Samuel married Mehitable Green, whose father was a very prominent man of the family of Rhode Island Greens.

Ref.: Records by Cora Call Whitley on Massachusetts trip and Media Research by Helen Jones Soper. Media Research listed Calls who served the American cause in War of Independence as follows: David, Moses, Silas, Stephen, Philip and Daniel Call of New Hampshire; Aaron, Amos, Benjamin, Cato, Jabez, James, John, John Jr., Jonathan, Samuel, William, Obadiah and Josiah Call of Massachusetts. There is a note in the original book "See Sprague History" next to Abigail Sprague's name. I believe this refers to "The Spragues of Malden Massachusetts", a book I have recently obtained a copy of.


JOHN CALL, son of Samuel Call and Abigail Sprague.
B: April 16, 1739 at Oxford, Massachusetts.
M1: January 1, 1761 at Woodstock, Massachusetts. (now Cohn.) to Lucy Chaffee.
M2: December 6, 1798 to Martha Safford.
D: 1808.

Lucy Chaffee, daughter of Joel Chaffee and Elizabeth Bicknell Chaffee
B: June 20, 1742
D: December 16, 1797

Children (Lucy Chaffee, mother):
John (born October 14, 1761), Elizabeth (born September 29, 1763), Stephen 1 (May 6, 1765 - May 24, 1766), Stephen 2, Eunice 1 (born May 14, 1770), Levi 1(January 21, 1772 - April 10, 1776), Lucy (June 30, 1774 - June 23. 1777), Abigail, Levi 2, Isaac (April 24, 1780 - December 1, 1793), Eunice 2 (born May 28, 1782), and Joel (born February 21, 1785).

Biography: Soon after his first marriage they moved to Coleraine. John is named in the history of Leicester, Massachusetts., as being in the Battle of Quebec, 1759. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His name was given in the roll of men enlisting from Coleraine shortly after the Battle of Bennington. His son John Jr., was also a soldier of the Revolution. John Call was in Military Service in 1777 as was our Captain John Jamison.

Ref.: The service can be obtained from the US. Pension Department or found in the Massachusetts. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. Dates and children's names are from John Call's record book dated 1762, which he kept from June 19, 1762 until his death in 1808. This was given to Helen Jones Soper by Una Call Jeffers.

Following are five pages from the note book of Deacon John Call.

Page 1-
John Call, his book bought at Albany. Price $1.19. June ye 19th, 1762.

Page 2-
John Call Jr. was born on Wednesday about four of the clock in the morning it being the 14th of October AD. 1761.

Elizabeth Call was born September ye 29th, 1763, it being on Thursday about 3 of the clock in the afternoon.

Stephen Call was born on Monday about nine of the clock in the evening, it being May the 6th AD. 1765.

He died of the (throat distemper) May 24, about 10 o'clock at night. 1766.

Page 3-
Stephen Call, 2nd, born April 29th, 1768 on Friday morning about 7 of the clock.

Eunice Call was born on Wednesday about sunset May ye 14th, 1770.

Levi Call was born Wednesday about 3 o'clock in the morning, January 21st, 1772.

Lucy Call was born on Thursday about 7 o'clock in the evening, June ye 30th, 1774.

Abigail Call was born on Tuesday about noon March ye 19th, 1776.

Levi Call dyed of the Quincy Wednesday 7 o'clock in the morning, April ye 10th, 1776.

Page 4-
Eunice Call dyed of the black canker on Thursday about 10 at night. January the 23rd, 1777.

Levi Call, the 2nd, born on Monday about four afternoon June the 29th, 1778.

Isaac Call was born on Monday about eleven in the forenoon, April ye 24th, 1780.

Eunice Call, the 2nd, born Tuesday about ten o'clock at night May ye 28th, 1782.

Joel Call was born February 21st, 1785 on Monday morning about ten o'clock.

Page 5-
Isaac Call dyed December ye 1st, 1793.

I was born April 16th, 1739. I was married to Lucy Chaffee, January 1st, 1761. My wife dyed December 16th, 1797.

I was married to Martha Safford, December ye 6th, 1798.

Mother Lee came to live with me February 1786. She dyed September 9th, 1803, in the 85th year of her age.

The above book was kept by John Call from 1762 to his death in 1808. There were some 20 pages about the summer of 1762 when he was carting supplies from Albany to the head of Lake George. The supplies were going to Ticonderoga, to the British Garrison. The book is/was in the possession of George Selleck of Orlando, Florida

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